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Why invest in hurricane resistant impact windows & impact doors in your davie, fl home, office, or business?

For starters, Impact Windows and Impact Doors in Davie FL are becoming increasingly popular, as they can help prevent hurricane damage, break-ins and save us money and energy costs. Local residents understand their importance for avoiding hurricane damage especially and they know that if they hurricane proof their property today, they won’t regret it later.

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that impact doors and impact windows will only hurricane proof your house. When you work with a professional window and door installation company, you will get many more benefits from these highly engineered windows and doors.

Hurricane Proof Your Property Today!

Homeowners in Davie Florida suffer thousands of dollars’ worth of hurricane damages every few years.

As these brutal storms force Floridians to turn to their homeowner’s insurance to pay for these losses, these premiums have increased by over 10% a year in the last 5 years.

When you add into the equation that insurance cannot replace older belongings or bring back lost memories, it gives you even more reason to hurricane proof your home or business.

TOP 5 Benefits To Installing Impact Windows & Impact Doors In Your Davie Florida Property

#1. Reduce your Energy Bills:

Impact windows and impact doors can dramatically reduce your energy bills. These doors and windows not only offer impact protection, they provide a tremendous level of insulation.

#2. Potential insurance rebates

Talk to your insurance company there’s every possibility that they will offer you some form of a rebate or a discount for installing these high-quality impact doors and impact windows as they help protect your home from hurricanes and offer a significant security upgrade. Not only are they protecting your home, but they are also protecting the insurance company from potential future claims.

#3. Theft, UV and Noise protection

We touched on this is previously but impact stores and impact windows are much tougher and burglars cannot easily break either. They also offer you significantly higher noise protection and we fit them with UV filters to protect you and your family from the sun..

#4. The obvious storm protection

These hurricanes proof doors and windows offer protection from flying debris wind and rain, that hurricanes of up to 150 mph can generate. If you haunt had to experience first time the fact that regular window glass was never designed to protect against these weather, trust me when I tell you it’s not something you should aspire to.

#5. Peace of mind

Anyone who’s ever had to experience the damage that a hurricane can cause will quickly tell you how much they wished they had extra protection. Of course, the insulation of impact doors and windows is costly. As a result, many people take the risk of future hits as they hope the costs of repairs and increasing costly insurance premiums will remain less than installing hurricane proof solutions. Or you can significantly reduce the stress and anxiety of hurricane season by deciding not to play Russian roulette with the next storm.

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