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Hurricane Impact glass Doors

Impact doors become a necessity for now since the construction of the building started in Florida. After the hurricane, Andrew in 1992 hit Florida and other US states, thousand of buildings and homes were destroyed. As a result, the entire community lives in Florida and other surrounding state makes it mandatory to be built their homes and offices with hurricane impact doors.

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Check out all our recent Residential & Commercial Impact doors projects from the gallery below

Do You Know?

The installation of hurricane impact doors to your property in order to decorate the impact doors makes you safer as well as provides you protection. Impact-resistant French doors do not only help to beautify the physical appearance of the home but also guard you against natural hazards like hurricane windstorms. On the other hand, impact doors are manufactured and also been tested to withstand the hardest and tough weather. The significant component of hurricane impact sliding glass doors is the polymer plastic material sandwich between two glass layers. This is often called laminated which is far most five times stronger than ordinary glass doors. It is indeed affordable to almost everybody who is interested to buy the doors for his home.
The price of hurricane impact front doors and impact-resistant sliding glass doors depends on the manufacturer you choose, therefore; the average price will be around 1000$ and the installation cost of impact sliding glass doors is obviously varying by size and dimensions.

Why impact doors?

If you are planning to buy a property in Miami, Florida makes sure to be prepared yourself for the heavy disaster of a hurricane windstorm, which can obviously become the reason for massive destruction and damage. Homeowners in Florida need to get prepared for the certain disaster of heavy windstorms, they should make themselves sure that the hurricane impact doors and home depot impact sliding glass doors must be installed. Without impact resistance, it will become difficult for you to survive in severe weather conditions.

Is there any other benefit of impact doors?

Upon upgrading or installing the new hurricane impact doors, the law of Florida state offers insurance companies some amount of rebate and incentive. Simply reach out to your insurance agent after installation and avail the benefit. You can also reduce down your utility bills by making the home more energy-efficient. Another investment give-back benefit for you is that you can save your property from heavy hurricane-force winds. Impact front door is also working as the shield, so you are no longer require to spend a lot of money on maintenance.

Another best benefit that is obviously cannot be denied that the impact glass door and impact resistant front entry doors are providing you protection from ultraviolet rays that can immensely cause damage to your skin; because the normal glass will not be able to save you from such harmful rays from the sun. Moreover; impact-resistant front door are required only one-time installation no need of any storm preparation.

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How Much Do Hurricane Impact proofing Cost?

The cost for purchasing new hurricane-proof doors typically ranges anywhere from $300 to $3,000+ on average. However, some doors and custom impact doors can cost even more. Installation costs vary on the size, scope, and complexity of the project. Call today to schedule a free meeting, walk-though and detailed estimate for your project.
Hurricane-resistant Impact doors vary in cost based on several factors, including; the size of the door, style of the door, functions of the door, manufacturer of the door, just to name a few. If you’re really serious about installing new hurricane-proof high impact doors in your home or business and reside in or around Fort Lauderdale, FL – contact us today to speak with a door specialist who can carefully guide you through the whole process. We look forward to hearing from you. We also serve most cities in Broward County, including; Weston, Davie, Pembroke Pines, Miramar, Plantation, Hollywood, Hallandale Beach & More!

Are Impact doors Required in Florida?

According to Florida Building Code (FBC) certain requirements must be met when it comes to impact doors on properties in Florida. For example, all properties within one mile of the coast line are required to have impact resistant doors. And it is recommended for all properties outside of one mile as well. Wouldn’t it feel great knowing your family and your personal property are protected from 110+ MPH winds and flying debris? Call us today or reach out via email to schedule a free estimate and let’s see what we can do!

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