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The benefits of impact windows and Hurricane doors to the residents of Plantation Florida

As hurricanes are becoming increasingly common and even stronger every year, they cause residents of Plantation, Florida costly house repairs and these result in increased homeowner’s insurance premiums.

As Plantations premier window and door company, we regularly get calls from residents who have suffered significant loss and damage following a hurricane. Of course their insurance premiums cover much of the cost but they cannot replace the memories lost and reduce the stress and anxiety caused by the situation to begin with.

In this article we hope to educate residents in Plantation Florida to the many advantages of installing hurricane doors and impact windows. You’ll discover how they not only protect you from hurricane damage, but how they also offer several other significant benefits.  We know they help hurricane proof your home, but these high quality engineered doors and windows offer several other benefits as well that include; Contact

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#1. Reduction in your insurance premiums

Before you install any hurricane doors or impact windows, pick up the phone and call your insurance company. If your insurance provider is unwilling to offer you at least a discount or even a rebate for the cost of installing additional protection to your home, then you switch provider.. Not only do hurricane doors and impact windows offer additional protection from hurricanes; they’re also a significant upgrade to the overall security of your home. They help protect any insurance company from claims to hurricane damage or theft.

#2 UV and Noise protection

Impact windows and impact doors are highly engineered and because of this we fit them with UV filters and these help protect your home’s furniture and you and your family from sun damage.These windows also offer a significantly increased protection from outside noise.

#3 Help you live longer

Most people are aware of the fact that stress and anxiety are not good for your health. By forcing yourself to deal with the uncertainty of hurricane season and whether it will cause significant damage to your property here unnecessarily affecting your health. We appreciate that impact doors and impact windows can be expensive to install, however avoiding installing them as you think that the reduction in insurance premiums and the probability of any hurricane damage will be lower than insulation costs just adds to your stress and anxiety every hurricane season. The impact of this is yet to be revealed.

#4 A more energy efficient home

Not only do residents of Plantation Florida receive noise UVU and hurricane protection from impact windows and doors. They can also experience a dramatic reduction in their energy bills as these windows and doors offer a much higher level of insulation.

#5 Protection from break-ins

Along with all the other aforementioned benefits, the installation of Impact windows and Impact doors offer significant protection against potential break-ins and intruders. These add additional security for you, your family and your property.

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