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Welcome To All Impact & Renovations Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows & Impact Doors Installation company in Weston, Florida!

Wisely, you are looking to protect your Weston, FL home or business with hurricane resistant Impact Windows and Doors.. Smart decision. And we’re to guide you every step of the way. You can see our Award Winning 5-Step Purchasing and Installation Process here or read on below, where we’ll talk about all the great reasons to install Impact Windows and Impact Doors on your South Florida property, and show off a few past projects we’ve completed over the years for the local residents of Weston, Florida.

Weston FL Impact Windows Doors Installation Company


Living in South Florida, we are all keenly aware of the immense damage that hurricanes can cause. Especially with winds of over 100 miles an hour hitting homes and businesses windows and doors. Winds so strong, they pick up loose debris and fling em’ like missiles at unprotected homes. 

This debris can cause immense damage to standard windows and doors that are not designed to resist this bombardment. Too often they just shatter on impact. Thankfully, the invention of impact doors and impact windows can offer your home, office, or business (and all the stuff in it) an assured level of protection from these natural phenomena.

Not too mention, high-quality impact windows and doors help prevent break-ins and reduce energy costs! What’s not to like?

What Is An Impact Window and Impact Door and Why are They so reliable?

When you work with a licensed installation company like ours in Weston FL, we will only install impact doors and impact windows that are manufactured from the highest grade aluminum frames and feature glass made from multiple layers. Included in the window is a thin layer of vinyl, designed to add extra durability and strength.

When struck by any projectile this layer of lamination is the first line of protection. Absorbing all the pressure of the impact by creating for all intents and purposes a spider like pattern. Ensuring anyone on the other side of the glass is completely safe. Along with your impact windows and doors, our installation company will also need to add specially designed frames to help keep everything securely in place.

The windows themselves act as a barrier but they are heavy so the frames are specially designed to take this additional weight. The full force of the hurricane will push any window to its limit, and the frames have been manufactured to withstand this additional pressure. We will install another reinforced frame around your impact door to give this additional layer of needed support.

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Why Choose Us For impact doors & impact windows?

As an Award-Winning, Licensed & Insured installation company in Weston Fl., we only work with the highest quality hurricane resistant impact doors and impact windows, all of which will undergo extensive testing before we purchase them on your behalf.

This specialized impact test involves simulating the destructive forces of a hurricane to mimic your windows being struck by wooden projectiles. In a specialized test center, every window and door that we work with has undergone extensive testing, including being put through a storm simulation in a specialized wind tunnel.

Only after every window and door is passed these tests and has been marked safe for use will we even consider installing them in your home or business. Call/Text/ or Email Us today to speak with an expert and schedule your free estimate!

Important things to consider

Based on where you live, you will need to purchase an impact door or an impact window with a specific rating. Our teams of professionals will fully brief you on the ratings needed for our area. During the free site survey we will explore all your options showing you the different makes and designs of impact doors and impact windows available to you.

There are other additional benefits to installing an impact window, including additional noise and burglar proofing and increased insulation to save on energy bills. They’re also capable of filtering out more harmful UV rays while you’re still able to enjoy the beautiful South Florida sunshine.

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